How We Raise Money for Charities

How We Raise Money To Benefit Charities

Charity Partner Program

  1.  Website sales year-round through

         a)  When a charity participates in the Charity Partner Program, when someone buys beautiful artwork, photography or Families on Canvas, or Pets on Canvas and selects a charity an equal size unframed piece will be donated to the charity. The charity can then sell the artwork, photography or art service at any of their fundraising events and get 100% of the proceeds!

          b)  Charities provide a link from their website and their Facebook page to ours and when people purchase artwork using a special code it will benefit the charity.

          c)  Charities send our "Introduction Email" to their supporters through their email distribution and/or mailing list.

    2. The Charity's Events  - BONUS:

           a)  Live Auctions:

    We offer artwork for Your Live Charity Auctions!
                 i)  The charity provides the location
                 ii)  We provide the auctioneer
                 iii)  We provide the artwork
                 iv)  We can schedule up to 4 live auctions per year for each charity 
                 v)   The charity gets 40% of the proceeds.




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