About Us

Who We Are

In 2015, Art 4 Charities was founded by Terry Machaby and his wife as a way for them to partner with and help those in need in their community and beyond.

For over 20 years, Terry Machaby has been an entrepreneur, founding numerous companies. His desire to be a photographer began when his grandmother bought him his first camera at the age of six. Later in life, he envisioned a way to commercially print museum-quality art along with photography to sell online with a percentage of the proceeds going to charity.

Terry Machaby have always had a heart for helping those in need. "My hope is to see nonprofit organizations here and abroad raise more money for their causes through Art 4 Charities!"

 What We Do

The principle behind Art 4 Charities is simply to offer the public the highest quality reproductions of artwork and photography and to donate 10% of the proceeds to charities. The basis for this for-good, for-profit business initially came from Diane and Terry’s desire to give back to the community that they live in and love.

Customers collect beautiful, high-quality reproductions of artwork and photography while at the same time playing a valuable role in giving back to those in need by selecting the charity they wish to receive a donation.

Art 4 Charities also encourages artists and photographers to pursue their passion for the arts by donating limited edition reproductions to the many good causes in their community.




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