Copy of Family & Pet Photos

Place Your Favorite Family, Vacation & Pet Photos On Canvas!

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Your Special Photographs

Art 4 Charities can take most phone or camera's photos of special events with family and friends and place them on museum-quality, 100+ years archival canvas or high-quality photographic paper for you to hang on your walls for years to come and for all to see, while supporting your favorite charity!

It's As Simple As This...

1. Email us your family or pet photos to

2. Tell us what size you desire. ​

3. We will evaluate the quality. 

4. We will inform you the largest size we can make, maintaining quality. 

5. We will contact you for payment.

Don’t Lose Your Priceless Pictures!

Let Art 4 Charities place them on canvas and your favorite charity, church, school or other nonprofit will receive 10% of the purchase price from Art 4 Charities! 

Art 4 Charities can now take those very special photographs and place them on canvas and photographic paper for you. Find all of those priceless pictures that you have stored on your phone and computer. Have them made into beautiful artwork!We can even take your favorite, high-quality pet photos ​and place them on canvas!

Think about all the family photos of your children, your parents and your grandparents. Pictures of birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, vacations and other memorable events. Now think about how devastated you would be if you lost all those pictures! 



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