Free Artwork!

You earn FREE ARTWORK OR PHOTOGRAPHY by referring friends and family that buy art or photography to support their favorite charity or charities.

It works like this ...

1. You refer a friend or family member ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD who buys art or photography through our website to support their favorite charity.

     a) It can be one of the Old Masters, Scenery or Beaches Around The World.

     b) OR they can even send us their favorite family, vacation or pet photo to support their favorite charity.

          i) This is great for anyone who has a cell phone full of events, family or pet photos that they need to get printed (before they are lost forever), while at the same time helping their favorite charity!

2. We give you a 5% discount coupon code to give to your family and friends.

3. You then receive a percentage of the value of their purchase towards any artwork you choose! You can use it immediately or accumulate it for a larger piece of artwork.

Also, consider emailing your Facebook friends the 5% discount coupon code so that they can support their favorite charities too!

Charities receive 10% ... or 40% if they participate in the "CHARITY BENEFITS PROGRAM".

If interested in more information or to sign up please email us at: with "Friends 4 Charities" on the subject line.




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